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Dance Education

North Indian Classical: Kathak

Since it's inception in 1989, Tarana has been offering professional Kathak dance education to dancers around the globe. Specializing in the Lucknow Gharana of the form, dancers are taken through building a foundation, learning essential techniques and exploration of Kathak throughout their years of learning. Tarana dancers have performed on local and global platforms, opened their own institutions and have been featured as prominent dancers in the field. 

 * Minimum of 6 years old to begin.


Filmy & Indo Caribbean Folk Dance

Tarana was founded by Indo-Caribbean dance pioneer, Deviekha Chetram who had arrived from Guyana to Toronto in the late 70's. She brought with her a multitude of knowledge, culture and roots. At Tarana we continue to nurture our heritage of West Indian culture. We specialize in creative Filmy choreography featuring the latest film songs, evergreen hits and semiclassical music as well as Indo Caribbean folk dance bringing you a blend of Caribbean & Indian dance highlighting the journey of our ancestors. 

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